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Holley EFI EFI Fuel System Kit 526-2
Model: 3316008
Condition: NEW
Holley EFI fuel kits are the perfect addition to your Terminator or Holley EFI kit. They are engineered using Holley fuel pumps, regulators and filters coupled with quality Earls plumbing to provide a fuel system tailored to the needs of…
Holley EFI Terminator® LS MPFI 550-614
Model: 3316016
Condition: NEW
Get all the great features of Terminator self-tuning EFI in a bolt-on system for GMs popular LS engines! The kit controls fuel and spark through the Terminators new 3.5 touchscreen! Install, answer a few basic questions and drive. No…
FiTech Fuel Injection 30061 - FiTech Go EFI 2x4 Dual-Quad 625 HP Self-Tuning Fuel Injection Systems
Model: 3307989
Condition: NEW
When it comes to engines, nothing gets our attention quicker than dual 4-barrels. Now, picture them as throttle bodies--and let the good times roll! FiTech Go EFI 4 2x4 dual-quad 625 hp self-tuning fuel injection systems have the ECU…
Comp Cams EZ EFI 2.0, Master Kit With In-Tank Fuel Pump
Model: 3171258
Condition: NEW
Converts Your Carburetor To Speed Density Fuel Injection In One Day Retains Your Air Cleaner, Distributor, Linkage, &amp Requires No Hood Modifications Cannot Be Used On Factory Computer Controlled Vehicles Eliminates…
MSD Atomic EFI Master Kit 2900
Model: 3137556
Condition: NEW
The Atomic system is based on an easy-to-install throttle body design that will provide modern drivability benefits to street rods and muscle cars – anything with a carburetor. It's meant to replace a standard square bore carburetor and…
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