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Comp Cams EZ EFI 2.0, Master Kit With In-Tank Fuel Pump

Comp Cams EZ EFI 2.0, Master Kit With In-Tank Fuel Pump
Comp Cams EZ EFI 2.0, Master Kit With In-Tank Fuel PumpComp Cams EZ EFI 2.0, Master Kit With In-Tank Fuel PumpComp Cams EZ EFI 2.0, Master Kit With In-Tank Fuel PumpComp Cams EZ EFI 2.0, Master Kit With In-Tank Fuel PumpComp Cams EZ EFI 2.0, Master Kit With In-Tank Fuel Pump
$7,037.99 ea
NEWARRIVING SOONEstimated Ship Date 10/26/2023 (If Ordered Today)
Model: 3171258
Select a Vehicle or refer to the Vehicle Fitment Tab below to verify that this part fits your vehicle.

  • Converts Your Carburetor To Speed Density Fuel Injection In One Day
  • Retains Your Air Cleaner, Distributor, Linkage, &amp Requires No Hood Modifications
  • Cannot Be Used On Factory Computer Controlled Vehicles
  • Eliminates Drivability, Cold Start, Sputtering, Coughing, &amp Stalling Issues
  • Vastly Improves Drivability, Efficiency, &amp Performance
  • Self Tunes With No Laptop Or Internet Connection Required
  • 8-injector Throttle Body Supports Stock To 1200 HP Engines
  • Holley Carb-Style Throttle Linkage &amp 4150 Square Bolt Pattern
  • Walbro 450 LPH Pump Is Automatically Cooled By Fuel In The Tank
  • Advanced Color Touch Screen Hand-Held/Sensor Dash W/Suction-Cup Mount - Same Mounting Points As Garmin GPS
  • Exclusive Fuel Pulse Damper Creates Precise Fuel Control - Return Or Returnless-Style Fuel Systems Supported
  • Works With Standard Distributors Or FAST&trade Distributors For Plug And Play Electronic Timing Control
  • High-Quality Wiring Harness With Mesh Loom &amp Wide-Band O2 Has The Fewest Connections On The Market
  • ECU Includes On-Board LED Diagnostics &amp EZ-Test&trade Indicator Lights
  • Compatible With Standard, Ethanol Blend, &amp E85 Fuels
  • Complete System Includes Everything You Need
  • Made In The USA
  • Lifetime Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

Your classic vehicle is likely to be equipped with a carburetor. With millions on the road, carburetors "can" work great. If you drive your carbureted vehicle, you're familiar with the issues that come with it. Drivability is not great in cold weather or when driving in high elevations. They can cough, sputter, and even stall which, can be dangerous. And, they are prone to carboning up which leads to even more problems. Often, a re-tune can solve your problem for a little while but good luck finding someone who "knows" how to tune your carburetor right!  And, the tune can even change over time requiring another re-tune.  Step up to Comp Cams Fast EZ EFI® 2.0 and solve your carebureator woes once and for all. 

The next generation of the revolutionary self tuning maintains ease-of-use that doesn't require a laptop or tuning experience. Simply hook up the system, answer the Setup Wizard questions on the hand-held, and EZ-EFI 2.0® tunes itself as you drive. Its eight-injector, die cast throttle body features OEM late model sensors for accuracy, durability, and availability at virtually any auto parts store won't leave you stranded.  The system supports up to 1200 horsepower (the highest on the market) so it grows with future modifications. It works with virtually any distributor and optional timing control is available.  A new secondary shaft throttle stop adjustment provides even more precise idle airflow adjustment and balance. An industry exclusive integrated fuel pulse damper creates ultra-precise fuel control. The EZ-EFI 2.0® also incorporates needle-bearing supported shafts instead of bushings and an integrated fuel rail design with crossover for tighter packaging. Setup includes the market's fewest connection wires, including a new high-quality wiring harness and a sleek mesh-type loom.

The EZ-EFI 2.0® fetures the industry’s first color touchscreen on a hand held tuner. Self-powered through the ECU rather than requiring an outside power source, it shares the same mounting points as the Garmin Nuvi GPS, meaning there are nearly limitless mounting options (suction cup mount is included). Serving as the Setup Wizard initially, it then becomes an electronic gauge screen. The hand-held has various advanced features including screen hide sleep function, expanded diagnostics and data screens, plus intuitive navigation.

Electronic fuel pressure measurement is standard on all kits, and all kits work with a wet nitrous system, providing built-in nitrous timing retard and special nitrous AFR targeting. EZ-Ignition™ features an EZ-Solution™ option, meaning that it is plug-and-play with FAST™ Distributors for electronic timing control or can be used with an EFI distributor of your choice and a FAST™ Crank Trigger. Or the system can be used to control fuel only and be used with a standard carb-type distributor (Ex. HEI) where timing is set manually.

NOTES:  NOT compatible with resistor spark plugs or solid core spark plug wires.  Requires adapter or a new intake manifold if your existing manifold is not equipped with a square carburetor mounting flange.  The EZ-EFI® throttle body provides two 3/8 and one 1/8 manifold vacuum ports and one 1/8 ported vacuum port. (Ported vacuum ports do not provide a vacuum signal at idle.) If the carburetor being removed from your vehicle utilized more than this number of ports, you may require a barbed T fitting of the appropriate size to multiply the number of ports available on the EZ throttle body.  You will need a 2" hole saw (not included) if you elect to mount the wiring harness through the firewall and mount the ECM in your interior.  A 2" firewall grommet is included for this purpose.  The main battery wires, labeled “BATTERY POS” and “BATTERY NEG” MUST BE CONNECTED DIRECTLY to the battery. Connecting them anywhere else invites problems with electrical noise. These kinds of problems are difficult to diagnose. The wires may be extended if needed using automotive grade 10 gauge (or larger) wire. 

CAUTION:  Installation of this product requires detailed knowledge of automotive systems and repair procedures. Installation of fuel system parts and any fuel tank modifications must be carried out by a qualified automotive technician. Installation of fuel system parts requires handling of gasoline. Ensure that work is performed in a well-ventilated area with an approved fire extinguisher nearby. Extinguish all open flames, prohibit smoking and eliminate all sources of ignition in the area of the vehicle before proceeding with the installation. When working with fuel systems, eye goggles and other safety apparel should be worn as needed to protect against debris and sprayed gasoline. The finished work must be checked carefully to ensure there are no fuel leaks. All fuel lines and connectors used in the installation of your fuel injection system should be rated for the higher pressure associated with fuel injection systems. It is not recommended that you use the factory hard lines as part of your installation unless the ends allow for the proper connection to high pressure systems. Be mindful as you route your fuel hoses that you keep them away from sources of heat and moving components on your vehicle.

Vehicle Fitment:

The Vehicle Fitment Guide is to be used as a general reference. The data has been provided by our suppliers and manufacturers and may contain errors or incorrect data. Always refer to a professional to verify correct fitment for your vehicle.
Make Model Years
Chevrolet Chevelle 1964 - 1973
Chevrolet El Camino 1964 - 1987
Chevrolet Laguna 1973 - 1976
Chevrolet Malibu 1964 - 1983


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