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Chevelle Heater Box Seals, For Cars Without Air Conditioning, 1964-1972
Model: 3021256
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original Correct Foam Seals To Rebuild Heater Box For Cars Without Air Conditioning Only For Cars With Air Conditioning Use Heater Box Seal P/N 605302 Chevelle heater box seals are a critical replacement when working on any…
$43.99 kt
RestoParts Bushing Kit, Radiator Support, 1968-72 GM A Body, w/Hardware RB0523
Model: 3022495
Condition: NEW
These convenient sets include the upper and lower support bushings and are shipped complete with the original steel mounting washer and bolt hardware kits, if so desired. These complete sets include everything you need to bring your…
$23.99 ea
Flex-a-lite 18" Stainless Standard Rotation Cooling Fan, Red
Model: 3116376
Condition: NEW
Maximum Airflow At Low RPM Reduced Eng. Load At High RPM Less Resistance At Hwy Speeds More Horsepower Better Gas Mileage 2.25 in. Projected Width 10000 RPM Rating Standard Mounting Pattern …
$119.99 ea
Chevelle Decal, Caution Fan, 1964-1972
Model: 3023900
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original Keep Fingers Clear Sticker Bold Red & Black Design A Chevelle fan shroud caution sticker is a must-have item to keep your 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, or 1972 Chevelle in original condition…
$5.99 ea
Chevelle Heater Hose Brackets, 1964-1972
Model: 3021242
Condition: NEW
Set includes: correct style inner fender lock down bracket with factory style push in head and correct alternator bracket with rolled edge to reduce fraying during engine torque over. Both brackets are coated in the factory-style, black…
$20.99 st
Chevelle Chrome, Radiator Top Support, V8, 4 bolt, 1968-1977
Model: 3022480
Condition: NEW
Replacement Of Original Black Support Four-Bolt Pattern Top Plate Hardware Included Designed For Chevelles With Heavy Duty Radiators Dimensions 31-1/8' X 5-3/4 Want to Dress up the engine compartment of your 1968-1977 Chevelle? This…
$34.99 ea
Chevelle Fan Shroud, Big Block, 1966-1967
Model: 3022461
Condition: NEW
Good Quality Reproduction Injection Molded Black Plastic Attaching Brackets Sold Separately …
$109.99 ea
Chevelle Heater Core, For Cars Without Air Conditioning, 1968-1972
Model: 3021216
Condition: NEW
Even when repaired and tested, original heater cores often spring new leaks due to age and weakness in the core and seams at the tanks. A really good way to ruin your carpet! We always recommend replacing your Chevelle or Malibu's heater…
$75.99 ea
Firewall and Heater Box White Rope Caulk Sealant
Model: 3499334
Condition: NEW
This is the white rope tape that seals your heater box or air conditioning evaporator case to the firewall. It comes in a 35 foot roll with six 1/8 inch strands for a total of 180 feet. Also used on the blower motor to heater box, non ac…
$18.99 rl
Chevelle Radiator Core Support Mounting Bolts, 1964-1972
Model: 3022497
Condition: NEW
Reproduction of Original 30 Piece Set Correct Headmarkings Black Oxide Waxed Coating Hex Head, Pinch Point Bolt with Integral Washer Most Visible Around Fender And Core Support Nice reproduction of bolts and nuts which are typically lost…
$27.99 st
RestoParts Fan Shroud, 1968 Chevelle/El Camino, Big Block 00T217R
Model: 3022466
Condition: NEW
Your choice! We offer our premium-quality, plastic-molded design, which is manufactured as slightly heavier-duty than their factory original counterparts. The fan shroud body is stronger to stand up to the elements. It is noteworthy that…
$137.99 ea
Proform Water Pump Pipe Fitting, Steel, Chrome, 1in. NPT Male to 3/4in. Hose Barb 66365
Model: 2031640
Condition: NEW
Fits: 3/4in pipe to 3/4in hose Water Pump Pipe Fitting Straight Type 1 Inch NPT Male to 3/4 Inch Hose Barb Made from High-Quality Steel Material Chrome Plated Finish Sold Each …
$25.99 ea
RestoParts Fan Shroud, 1966-67 Chevelle/El Camino, Small Block 00T215R
Model: 3022464
Condition: NEW
Greatly improve cooling while maintaining a factory-correct appearance in your engine compartment. This premium reproduction fan shroud is an RESTOPARTS exclusive and is manufactured to OEM specifications for fit, function and…
$122.99 ea
Chevelle Heater Core, For Cars With Out Air Conditioning, 1964-1967
Model: 3022479
Condition: NEW
Correct Heater Core Replacement 5/8 Inlet Size. 3/4 Outlet Size 9.5 Long X 6.375 Wide 2. Even when repaired and tested, original heater cores often spring new leaks due to age and weakness in the core and seams at the tanks. This is a…
$74.99 ea
Chevelle Thermostat Housing, All V-8, 1966-1972
Model: 3022414
Condition: NEW
Restoration Correct Made From Durable Material Cast Aluminum Material 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972 Chevelle and Malibu thermostat housing can crack over time due to engine heat, the ever changing coolant temperatures and…
$19.99 ea
Chevelle Fan Shroud Mounting Fasteners, Big Block, 1968
Model: 3022457
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original This Chevelle reproduction fan shroud mounting hardware has been manufactured to original factory specifications using today's modern manufacturing techniques. You will find the fit, finish and function will work…
$12.99 kt
Chevelle Radiator Hose, Lower, Big Block, 1969-1972
Model: 3022532
Condition: NEW
Where?s The Wire? Many of the lower radiator hoses we carry do have a spring in them; however, we supply several that don?t. The spring was originally installed in the hose to speed up the coolant fill operation during final assembly at…
$33.99 ea
Chevelle Fan Shroud, 3 Wide x 20 Diameter, Chrome, 1964-1972
Model: 3022463
Condition: NEW
Quality Universal Part Chrome Plated Shroud Attaches With Fasteners Through Radiator Fins For Custom Applications …
$42.99 ea
Cooling Fan, Electric, Universal, Single, 2500 CFM, S-Blade, Syclone, Flex-a-lite
Model: 3022438
Condition: NEW
Flex-a-lite® reversible 16-inch Syclone S-Blade electric-fan. A powerful electric motor helps this fan move an impressive 2,500 cfm of airflow. Can be used as an auxiliary or primary cooling. Puller: Yes Pusher: Yes Fan CFM Range…
$192.99 ea
Chevelle Coolant Temperature Sending Unit, V8 Or 6 Cylinder, Dual Terminal, For Cars With Warning Lights, 1970-1972
Model: 3022406
Condition: NEW
Stock Replacement Converts Engine Temperature Into Electrical Resistance Needed For Proper Gauge Reading This stock replacement temperature sender is manufactured by GM or by one of its authorized suppliers for use as a factory replacement…
$24.99 ea
Vintage Air Sanden SD-7B10 Front Runner Compressor Double V-groove pulley Chrome Finish 046704
Model: 3917248
Condition: NEW
Air Conditioning Compressor, Sanden, SD-7B10, Aluminum, Polished, V-belt Pulley, Each Brand:Vintage Air Part Type:Air Conditioning Compressors Product Line:Vintage Air Sanden Air Conditioning Compressors Remanufactured:No…
$557.99 ea
RestoParts Fan Shroud, 1968 Chevelle/El Camino, Small Block, Large Core 00T219R
Model: 3022469
Condition: NEW
This shroud surpasses the original in quality and finish. When we built the tooling for our 1968 small-block shrouds, we increased the rib reinforcements slightly and beefed-up the walls to increase the sturdiness and longevity. The…
$138.99 ea $137.47
Chevelle Radiator Support Brackets, Standard 3-Bolt, Chrome, 1968-1972
Model: 3022502
Condition: NEW
Good Quality Replacement Triple Chrome Plated For Non-Heavy Duty Applications …
$40.99 ea
Chevelle Fan Shroud, 1964-1965
Model: 3022460
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original Stamped Steel Fits Small Block Engines With 25" Core Radiators This Chevelle reproduction fan shroud has been manufactured to original factory specifications using today's modern manufacturing…
$111.99 ea
Chevelle Thermostat Housing Gasket,1964-1972
Model: 3022410
Condition: NEW
Replacement Gasket This Chevelle replacement thermostat housing gasket has been manufactured to meet or exceed factory specifications and performance. You will find the fit and function will work perfectly for your Chevelle. …
$6.99 ea
Chevelle Intake Manifold 90? Heater Hose Fitting, 1-3/4, Stainless Steel, 1964-1972
Model: 3021248
Condition: NEW
Great Dress-Up Item For 5/8 Heater Hoses …
$52.99 ea
Chevelle Air Conditioning Hose, Liquid Line, Small Or Big Block, 1970-1972
Model: 3021162
Condition: NEW
Best Quality Replacement Air Conditioning Hose For Chevelle Correct Length Correct Crimped On Ends With Correct Size Fittings For Small Block Or Big Block AC Cars …
$105.99 ea
OER 1968-81 Small Block Radiator Retainer Pad 371189
Model: 3443706
Condition: NEW
Your radiator will appreciate this replacement pad and so will you. Keeps the radiator safe from loosening while cushioning and protecting. Sold individually. Applications 1970-81 Camaro models 1968-72 Cheve lle models 1973-80…
$5.99 ea
RestoParts Heater Box Seal Set, 1968-72 A-Body/1969-72 GP, w/AC CH17468
Model: 3435501
Condition: NEW
Complete sets manufactured in die-cut original material.Factory replacement…
$48.99 ea
Vintage Air Chrome AC Drier with Bracket and Trinary Safety Switch
Model: 3280044
Condition: NEW
These Vintage Air air conditioning driers are designed to mount between the condenser and evaporator. Containing dessicant, the driers remove moisture to prevent damage to other components in the system, as well as filter out any loose…
$179.99 ea
Mishimoto Chevrolet El Camino / Chevelle (307ci / 327ci / 350ci / 400ci) Silicone Lower Radiator Hose, 1968–1977
Model: 3155700
Condition: NEW
  Direct Fit For The 1968-1977 Chevrolet El Camino / Chevelle With A 307 5.0L, 327 5.4L, 350 5.7L, or 400 6.6L Constructed From Five Layers Of Silicone With Heat-Resistant Embedded Fibers Improves Heat And Pressure…
$81.99 ea
Cold Case Radiators 1968-1981 Chevy Upper Radiator Insulators GME1C
Model: 3150244
Condition: NEW
These insulators are exactly like the original GM Chevrolet insulators and are sold as pairs. These will fit 4 core copper brass radiators or all Cold Case aluminum radiators.Two pairs are needed per car. Cold-Case Radiators is a division…
$17.99 ea
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