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Window Handle Removing Tool
Model: 2034950
Condition: NEW
Best Quality Window Removing Tool For Your Chevy Keeps Nova Door Panels From Being Torn While Removing Handle …
Classic Headquarters Window and Door Handle Removal Tool W-312
Model: 4019151
Condition: NEW
Designed to work for in the restoration of a wide range of classic General Motors vehicles, this handy stamped steel tool removes interior door handle and manual window cranks with ease. Effective for use universally on General…
OER Upholstery Installation Kit with Heavy Duty Pliers and Hog Rings *K10010
Model: 1004374
Condition: NEW
This quality upholstery installation kit includes 60 hog rings and professional style heavy duty pliers. Total of 60 hog rings come in each kit to be applied as needed, more hog rings are available for purchase separately but 60 hog…
Chevrolet Pocket Screwdriver Set w/ LED and Bottler Opener
Model: 3315879
Condition: NEW
Chevrolet Pocket Screwdriver Set w/ LED and Bottler Opener …
$17.99 st $13.58
MBM Master Cylinder Bleeder Kit 345
Model: 4821766
Condition: NEW
Make the chore of bleeding your master cylinder a little bit easier with this Master cylinder bleeder kit. Tapered fittings for use with a variety of master cylinders. …
$15.99 ea $14.61
El Camino Glove Box Nut Tool, 1969-1977
Model: 3039928
Condition: NEW
Safely Install Or Remove Retaining Nut Removes Glove Box Nut Under The Lock …
El Camino Headliner Tool
Model: 3039925
Condition: NEW
For tucking headlining and upholstery around windows and above doors and other hard to reach places. A sturdy tool with a slightly curved blade that has finished edges and rounded corners. …
Chevelle Glove Box Nut Tool, 1969-1972
Model: 3022332
Condition: NEW
Safely Install Or Remove Retaining Nut Removes Glove Box Nut Under The Lock …
El Camino Antenna Nut Tool, 1964-1965
Model: 3039950
Condition: NEW
Correct Tool For Proper Disassembly Of Antenna Mast Will Not Scratch Or Damage Antenna Nut …
$14.99 ea $9.93
El Camino Firewall Pad Installation Tool, 1959-1987
Model: 3039927
Condition: NEW
Installs Original Rubber & Replacement Style Plastic Pad Fasteners Painlessly …
El Camino Dash Wiper Nut Removal Tool, 1966-1967
Model: 3039912
Condition: NEW
Great For Removing Your Dash Nut Without Marring …
$18.99 ea $12.96
Chevelle Firewall Pad Installation Tool, 1964-1972
Model: 3022333
Condition: NEW
Installs Original Rubber & Replacement Style Plastic Pad Fasteners Painlessly …
Gunk Brake Parts & CV Joint Cleaner Chlorinated
Model: 3154605
Condition: NEW
  Cleans Better Dries Faster Non-Flammable Quickly Dissolves & Flushes Brake Dust, Fluid, Grease & Oil Contaminants Quickly removes brake fluid, dust build up,and oil from brake parts and C.V. Joint assemblies…
Corvette - Wheel Bearing Grease, Timken
Model: 3126180
Condition: NEW
Premium Hi-Temp Red Grease Superior Protection For Both Disc And Drum Applications Formulated With Corrosion Inhibitors, Anti-Wear And Water Resistant Additives 16 oz Tub Our Timken brand premium wheel bearing grease is a…
Brake Pressure Bleeder, Dual Master Cylinder
Model: 3103435
Condition: NEW
Bleeds Brakes Like The Professionals Pressurizes Brake Fluid So All Trapped Air Is Forced From System Will Fit Master Cylinder Openings Up To 4" x 6.5" Do It Yourself-No Helpers Required This Chevy brake master cylinder…
Chevelle Ignition Nut Tool, 1964-1968
Model: 3022317
Condition: NEW
Use To Remove & Install Ignition Switch Retaining Nut Prevents Damage To Cowl …
Electrical Connector Separator
Model: 3102204
Condition: NEW
Quickly disconnects electrical connectors without damage The tool tip is double-ended to fit different access angles Works on weather pack and other automotive electrical connectors …
Ridetech CoilOver Spanner Wrench 85000000
Model: 3430326
Condition: NEW
If you own RideTech CoilOvers, get one of these spanner wrenches for adjusting spring preload and therefore ride height. The spanner wrench loosens and tightens coil spring retainer nut. Our CoilOver spanner wrench is easy to use and takes…
Ridetech Bushing Installation and Removal Tool 85000009
Model: 3430329
Condition: NEW
Our Bushing Tool kit makes it easier for you to remove and replace the bushings in your GM Muscle car control arms. With this tool you can press out and install bushings with simple hand tools. This easy to use tool is a great alternative…
Corvette Battery Wrench, Side Terminal
Model: 1007616
Condition: NEW
Clutch Head Screwdrivers
Model: 3085226
Condition: NEW
Fits The Clutch Head Figure 8 Screws On All GM Cars Includes 4 Popular Sizes 5/32, 3/16, 1/4 & 5/16 This super-handy set of clutch head screwdrivers are just the ticket when working on your classic car or truck. We've all gotten stuck…
GM Date Stamper, 1955-2008
Model: 3085214
Condition: NEW
Original GM Date Stamper Made In America The original date's on your classic chevy can fade or become indecipherable due to age. With this GM Date Stamper you can add some of the original touches that your car had when it first came off…
Chevy & GMC Truck 4-way Folding Lug Wrench
Model: 3124464
Condition: NEW
  Great Roadside Emergency Accessory Folds For Easy Storage Triple Chrome Plated Hardened Steel 4 Socket Sizes Fits Virtually All Vehicles Show trucks aren't usually used to haul around tools. But, you have to be…
Steering Wheel Puller Tool, Heavy-Duty
Model: 2034620
Condition: NEW
Properly Removes The Steering Wheel From The Steering Shaft Four-Slot Heavy-Duty Yoke Fits Small Block, Big Block, 6-Cylinder & Other Engine Types Long 7-1/2 Center Screw Changeable Flat Or Pointed Tips…
El Camino Misc. Hardware Tools Side Terminal Battery Brush
Model: 3039972
Condition: NEW
Coil spring cutter polishes the battery contacts while the stainless steel brushes clean the cable terminals. …
El Camino Misc. Hardware Tools Hose Clamp Pliers
Model: 3039959
Condition: NEW
Removes and installs hose clamps on heater and radiator hoses. Tips screw in and out to fit all sizes of clamps. Ratcheting lock mechanism holds the clamps in an open position for easy removal and installation. Tips can be switched to…
El Camino Ignition Nut Removal Tool, 1964-1968
Model: 3039946
Condition: NEW
Used To Remove Ignition Switch Bezel Reduces Damage And Gouging To Chrome …
El Camino Headlight Nut Removal Tool, 1969-1987
Model: 3039929
Condition: NEW
Great Addition To Any Tool Box Makes removing Original Headlight Nut A Breeze keeps From Damaging, Destroying Originals …
El Camino Nutsert Sheet Metal Tool
Model: 3039911
Condition: NEW
High Quality Nutsert Tool Used To Install Nutserts In Sheet Metal A Must When Adding Cargo Hold Down Hooks Easy One Hand Operation …
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