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Chadwick's Triple Play 32 Oz. Bottle

Chadwick's Triple Play 32 Oz. Bottle
$32.99 ea
NEWARRIVING SOONEstimated Ship Date 08/11/2021 (If Ordered Today)
Model: 3171034
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  • For Use With Chadwick's Triple Play Detailing System
  • Designed by Paint Finish Expert Neil Chadwick to Save Valuable Time &amp Money
  • Cleans, Polishes, &amp Protects Without Soap Or Water, Softens &amp Ecapsulates Dirt
  • Proven Effective In South Florida With Extreme Sun, Heat, Humidity &amp Salt On Over 1 Billion Worth Of Cars
  • Safe For Use On Clear Coat &amp Non-Clear Coat Finishes, Fiberglass, Urethane, Steel, Aluminum, Stainless, Chrome, PVD, Glass, Vinyl, Leather, Rubber, Plastic, &amp Urethane
  • Leaves A Layer Of Protection &amp Shine That Will Make Your Car Look Like It Was Just Buffed By A Professional
  • Bonds To Your Clear Coat &amp To Itself For A Deep Wet Shine
  • Will Not Damage Paint &amp Finish With No Risk Of Scratching
  • No Oily Residue, No Fingerprints, No Clouding Or Hazing
  • Pleasant Fragrance Enhances ANY Interior


  • Quality Level: Show Quality
  • Chadwick Triple Play Volume (oz): 32
  • What's In The Box: 32 oz of Chadwick's Triple Play
  • Where It's Made: USA
  • Product Weight: 3 lbs.
  • Product Dimensions: 8x4x10

About Chadwicks:

Chadwick's Triple Play was formulated out of necessity. Neil noticed after his client's cars were detailed; the use of soap & water dulled & stripped the finish he had applied after one or two washings. Water has chemicals & minerals, Soap has PH & alkalinity. The combination of the two were damaging to the paint & finish. Time was also a factor. The "old way" of soap & water washing, plus claying the car, then applying a protective wax or finish was at least 2-3 hours. Chadwick's Triple Play Car Care System can be easily done in 30-45 minutes with the results of a professional detailer. Triple Play has been formulated to soften & encapsulate the dirt in our tested & proven micro fibre towels so there is no risk of scratching. Soap & water is very abrasive & does damage to your finish every time you use it. Typical waxes are only topical in nature so they evaporate & leave oily greasy surfaces. Fingerprints disappear with Chadwick's Triple Play acrylic high gloss finish. It bonds to the factory clear coat for that deep wet Showroom Shine It's the only protection your car will ever need. Each time you use it another layer of protection bonds to itself & will not cloud or haze. 3 steps in one bottle, Chadwick's Triple Play. It has taken three years to perfect. Chadwick's Triple Play has been tested in real time & real conditions (South Florida's sun, heat and humidity) on over $1 Billion dollars worth of cars. Chadwick's Triple Play is the only product & system used on Lamborghini Palm Beach cars (new & used) since 2011.

"I have washed more cars the "old" soap & water way than probably anyone can imagine in the last 45 years. I knew I had to change my ways & find a new approach to the antiquated method of typical car care. For my own, as well as my clients peace of mind, I had to develop & formulate a system so I could be 100% sure it was safe, effective & consistently worked to the highest professional standards".    Neil Chadwick, December 2009


Chadwick's Triple play is absolutely the best detailing product I have ever used. I had first found this product at Lamborghini of Palm Beach. I have been detailing cars for over 18 years so I am always curious what everyone uses or little tips and tricks. First of all I am a vette head... I have a fully worked ZO6 that Hpsalesflorida custom built for me for road racing etc.. So back to the Lambo story. I was having some work done and I noticed the head detailer using this product. I asked him if I could try it.. he said go ahead. I sprayed the hood of a murcielago then wiped it clean and could not believe how well the product worked. Not only did it clean the surface, it was super slick, it left no streaks, and had a shine that blew me away. This product is so effortless. and if you do the blocking system you will see for yourself that your paint will feel like glass. It took me a little while to grasp that I only needed one product. Well now I use 2 products, chadwick's triple play and chadwick's no sling tire dressing. period.. This product had me sold and plus the fact that Lambo uses it on cars that are well over 200-700k it was a no brainer. There's no fluff or gimicks it just works. Try it once. I did! Thanks Neil for your constant support and amazing product that you have perfected! Get chadwick'd

mackatallica Corvette Forum

Received my Chadwick's kit a couple days ago and thought I would give it a try. Application was easy, results were great. Recently used a synthetic wax followed by a carnauba wax, so my car was in pretty good shape. My car is always clean and shiny, but I am not OC about it like some. I am not an expert detailing, but I know a nice finish when I see one, and that is what I ended up with. My car has never been shinier or as smooth to the touch. Buffer blocked the entire car and really noticed the difference on the hood and rear end. I buffer blocked the rear end 1/2 at a time to compare the two, the difference was night and day. Tire shine gel worked well with real looking results.  I for one will be a customer.

megawatt1203 Corvette Forum


Hello Neil:  Well buddy, I can officially say, " I've been Chadwicked, or my Corvette, anyway"! Debbie and I applied the triple play system to our 1995 Torch-Red Convertible, and words cannot  express the outcome and the ease of use! I, as you know, as others were, was skeptical!  Debbie and I, as a team, did the whole car, windows, wheels, and rag-top, in about 35 minutes. And that's with blocking it the first time. I probably used more than I should have, using 3/4 of the bottle. I realize it is concentrated and will spread it out more next time. The Vette shines like there's no tomorrow and it's that deep penetrating gloss! We are heading to a classic car show on Brigantine Island, New Jersey, where we live!  Neil, thanks again for a great product and being such a "hands on" owner. You've got a customer for life and we will be  tellng everyone to "Get Chadwicked"!!  Your friends, Fred and Debbie

Fred and Debbie's 1995 Torch-Red Convertible


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