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Hushmat Ultra Insulation, Doors, Firewall Or Trunk For Corvette, 1984-2017

Hushmat Ultra Insulation, Doors, Firewall Or Trunk For Corvette, 1984-2017
Hushmat Ultra Insulation, Doors, Firewall Or Trunk For Corvette, 1984-2017Hushmat Ultra Insulation, Doors, Firewall Or Trunk For Corvette, 1984-2017
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Model: 3196986
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  • Reduce Heat Up to 40% & Reduce Noise Up to 50%
  • (3) 32"x18" Sheets for 12 square feet of coverage (1.1 square meters)
  • Eliminates Road Noise, Engine Noise, Vibration & Insulates the Interior!
  • Automotive OEM Specified & Approved
  • Requires No Pre-cleaning Of The Application Surface
  • No More Acetone Or Alcohol Surface Preparation
  • Ultra is 1.5mm (&lt 1/8”) and light-weight at 0.47 lbs. per sq ft
  • Ultra™ Requires No Heat Guns Or Messy Glue To Apply
  • One-Step Application With HushMat Ultra™—Simply Peel & Stick
  • Apply To Floor From Firewall To Rear Deck, including Tunnel
  • Apply to Doors – Outer Door Skin & Frame
  • Apply to Trunk to Block Exhaust “Drone” & Heat.
  • Proven To Perform From -30° F To 550° F.
  • Manufactured in the USA for over 25 years!
  • Each Sheet Is 1/8" (1.5MM) Thick And Light Weight At 1/2 Pound Per Square Foot
  • Choose Black Or Silver
  • NOTE: Kit Does 1 Trunk, 2 Inner Doors or 1 Firewall. If You Need To Do Your Trunk, Doors & Firewall, You Will Need To Order 3 Kits.

Cool, Quiet & Comfortable! HushMat® specializes in reducing unwanted noise in your Chevy Corvette by eliminating structural vibration, reducing heat, road noise, engine noise, wind noise, engine exhaust, and radiant heat. You experience the quality sound and comfort of your automobile with HushMat® Ultra thermal & sound deadener insulation. Fits: 1984 -2017.

About Hushmat

#1 Rated HushMat provides incredible sound reduction and thermal insulation benefits from technology proven for over a quarter of a century in the automotive, heavy truck, home appliance, recreation and marine industries. Reduce noise and heat. Get the best performance every time with HushMat. Why HushMat? HushMat is the manufacturer – we are not a "marketer" or "manu-packager"- With HushMat you receive the highest quality & highest performing material available. Our competition purchases from multiple sources here and afar and packs whatever is available into their boxes. HushMat – consistent quality means consistent performance! HushMat is the simplest material to install – super flexible, easy to cut and requires no surface prep – just peel & stick even in the harshest climates! HushMat is the #1 rated material as designated by multiple independent studies HushMat was introduced to automobile manufacturers in 1988, and was approved by General Motors and Chrysler for in vehicle production. HushMat is the only company that manufacturers its own sound deadening and specified for use by every automobile manufacturer in the United States, Canada and Mexico. HushMat makes cars, trucks, boats, RV's buses, appliances, HVAC equipment and home theater more Quiet and Comfortable.


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Hushmat Ultra Insulation, Doors, Firewall Or Trunk For Corvette, 1984-2017:
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