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The Works Detailing Essentials, Surf City Garage
Model: 3089719
Condition: NEW
Everything you need to detail your car in one convenient box.  No more confusion searching the shelves and reading labels.  The Works gives you a full assortment of the best detailing products that money can buy - Surf City…
$27.99 kt
Black Edge™ Essentials Kit, Surf City Garage
Model: 3089666
Condition: NEW
A deep, brilliant shine. An intense, jet-black tire gloss. Absolutely nothing makes a statement more than a black or dark car. And nothing makes that car more of a head-turner than Black Edge from Surf City Garage. Black Edge is the only…
$34.99 kt
Black Edge™ Special, Surf City Garage
Model: 3118429
Condition: NEW
Introducing Black Edge™ Special. Products specially formulated for Black and Dark cars - contain pigments to fill in light scratches and swirl marks, while providing a deep, brilliant shine at the same time. Black Edge™ Special Kit…
$88.99 kt
The Weekender Wash & Wax Kit, Surf City Garage
Model: 3118396
Condition: NEW
Looking for a no-fuss, spotless shine, every time? The Weekender Wash & Wax Kit is the ultimate detailing kit for the weekend warrior. If you enjoy spending your weekends in your driveway with your beauty, this kit is the perfect…
$113.99 kt
The Wash 'N Wax Quick Kit, Surf City Garage
Model: 3118384
Condition: NEW
On the go? Why not make it easy on yourself without sacrificing the shine your ride deserves. The Wash n’ Wax Quick Kit has your two essentials: Pacific Blue® Wash & Wax for a clean, scratch-free surface and Barrier Reef® Spray Wax…
$72.99 kt
Shipped from Canada
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Canadian Owned 2020