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OER Secret Formula 16 Oz Extreme Shine Metal Polish and Sealant K89483

OER Secret Formula 16 Oz Extreme Shine Metal Polish and Sealant K89483
$26.99 ea
Model: 3447039
As of 3/23/2021 OER continues to experience delays in shipments of up to 45 days.  If you purchase this product and we do not have it in stock, your order may be delayed.  Please contact us to find out available options.    
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OER® Extreme Shine Metal Polish and Protectant cuts through layers of dulling oxides to restore a wet-mirror like finish to chrome, copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, and more!

This outstanding polish will make your metalwork gleam and look its absolute best. Spreads on with ease and buffs off with little effort. Great for oxidized metals and even light rust. Can be easily applied in the shade or sun. Leaves virtually no smear, dust or powder.

The most innovative metal polish ever. A 3-step product in one, this diminishing metal polish cuts fast, cleans like no other, shines like a mirror and protects like a sealant. Utilizing friction and heat OER® Extreme Shine Metal Polish cleans, restores, revives and polishes. Friction generates heat that allows the product to break down into a micro-fine polish that leaves the surface shining like a mirror. During the final phase, it breaks down to release the durable protective sealant that bonds to metal surfaces reducing corr osion and prolonging shine.

Use by hand, with a polisher or with your polish ball and drill.

Professional grade car care detailing supplies are no longer just for professionals. OER® is pleased to offer our complete line of car care products for the auto detailing professional and/or classic car enthusiast. Now you too can get the same amazing results that only a detailer using professional grade products can achieve. If you are tired of paying for expensive bottles with colorful labels and achieving mediocre results, then do your car's delicate finish a favor and order our complete car care system today. OER® offers the highest quality car care formulas at any price, without the hype of expensive advertising and high dollar packaging. No fancy bottles or labels to pay for, our product speaks for itself!

About OER

OER® was established in the early 1980's to manufacture original equipment reproductions where every part is meticulously reproduced to exact factory specifications. All OER® parts are reverse engineered or manufactured using original blueprints when available to ensure the closest possible reproduction available on the market. When available, original factory tooling is utilized to insure complete originality. Our mission is to supply the highest quality parts available for the enthusiast and serious restorer. Whether you're a serious restorer, or just someone who wants a replacement part for your classic vehicle, OER® is the source for the finest quality parts on the market. Today, OER® is the most recognized brand in automotive restoration parts. Choose OER® for all your restoration needs.

Many OER® products are officially licensed by General Motors and the Chrysler Group ensuring the quality and authenticity of these products. The GM Restoration Parts logo and the MOPAR Authentic Restoration Product logo are the true signs of quality. OER® is licensed by GM and the Chrysler Group as an official restoration parts manufacturer.


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